Cisco AP3700 vs. Aruba AP-225 Miercom Report

Miercom recently published a third party evaluation between the AP 3702i and the AP-225.  The report consists of a diverse range of test cases meant to gauge real-world performance of the access points.  The tests include; multi-client performance, single client rate vs. range, performance in the presence of interference, and performance on PoE power.

Here are the highlights:

  •  The 3700 has 6 times the performance of Aruba in a High Density Environment with 60 clients.
  •  When using 802.3af PoE, the 3700 did not see a drop in throughput whereas the Aruba 225 AP throughput dropped by 63%.
  •  Demonstrating the power of HDX, when interference is introduced into the network, the 3700 has 87.7% better throughput than the Aruba AP.

Download the Report: Miercom: Cisco AP-3702i vs. Aruba AP-225

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Karan Sheth