AP Quality Matters – Part 2

In the previous blog AP Quality Matters, I elaborated on how the build quality of a wireless access point highly depends on the vision and execution of a WLAN Vendor. The 2-Year AP design evolution comparison chart clearly shows how Cisco innovates & builds on its custom silicon chipset designs producing higher quality product while Aruba, dogged by its high dependance on merchant silicon and attempts to repair its previous AP hardware design flaws, ends up developing mediocre quality access points.

Now incorporating the same concept of quality analysis, we decided to place 802.11n and 802.11ac flagship access points from both Cisco and Aruba in a special testing environment to practically understand how the build & hardware design of an AP can significantly influence the overall quality of the access point.

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Cisco AP3700 vs. Aruba AP-225 Miercom Report

Miercom recently published a third party evaluation between the AP 3702i and the AP-225.  The report consists of a diverse range of test cases meant to gauge real-world performance of the access points.  The tests include; multi-client performance, single client rate vs. range, performance in the presence of interference, and performance on PoE power.

Here are the highlights:

  •  The 3700 has 6 times the performance of Aruba in a High Density Environment with 60 clients.
  •  When using 802.3af PoE, the 3700 did not see a drop in throughput whereas the Aruba 225 AP throughput dropped by 63%.
  •  Demonstrating the power of HDX, when interference is introduced into the network, the 3700 has 87.7% better throughput than the Aruba AP.

Download the Report: Miercom: Cisco AP-3702i vs. Aruba AP-225

AP Quality Matters

When it comes to building a Wireless Access Point, there is a need to ensure the selection of the right hardware design & components to achieve the best combination of aesthetics, robustness and technical profusion. OK there is one more important point that can be considered which is ‘Quality Future Proofing’ but let’s keep this aside for a while as some vendors lack capacity on that front. So following this simple principle, every WLAN vendor must be producing the highest grade quality Access Points, right? The answer here is a flat NO. Well, not just every vendor. Continue Reading

Network Solution Comparison – Cisco SMB vs. Aruba Instant


Most organizations today are looking for new ways to improve productivity by offering secured and reliable delivery of business class applications to mobile devices. Small-medium businesses (SMB) are often challenged with budget constraints and resource constraints in delivering high-speed wireless connectivity to employees, partners and guests. Continue Reading